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VIP Membership is a paid monthly subscription service available to players who want access to better rewards available in the game.

The VIP Membership subscription advantages include :

  • 100% Ad-free (use the instant skip)
  • Several instant time skips per day (no more watching ads to skip time!)
  • VIP only 'Paints' and 'Wheels' for every vehicle in the game
  • VIP skin
  • Daily VIP chest which contains at least:
    • 2250 coins
    • 18 Random Items
    • 2 Rare Items
    • 60 gems
  • Double points in public events
  • VIP Includes the Premium-Pass

Note: Player skins and vehicle paints are not permanent and will expire after the subscription is cancelled. Prices may vary according to your country and currency. Having the VIP subscription does not mean you will get the Pit Crew skin.