Rank Legendary

Upon hitting the rank of Legendary, the structure of the game changes into Seasons.

Seasons are timed, repeating content that gives you essentially unlimited things to do and awesome new rewards based on how well you perform within a season.

At the beginning of every season, you begin at the rank of "Challenger" with 0 season points and can rank up all the way to "Legend" and gain several different rewards in that process, much in the same way you rank from bronze to silver, from silver to gold, from gold to Platnum, from platnum to diamond and from diamond to legendary .

Over the season you get rewards from the Trophy Road by increasing your rank. Those rewards vary between many different items like customizations, tuning parts, chests, etc. Everyone then starts all over again from 0 at the end of each season and competes to be the best for the new season yet again.

Seasons will restart at the beginning of each month.

When you download the game for the first time, you will start with Road to Legendary and when you reach legendary rank, you will unlock the trophy road.

Season Ranks

The Seasonal cups

The Trophy Road

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