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The left pedal is the e, which will slow the car s, and the right pedal is the w, which will move the car forward.

These controls take on additional functionality when the car is airborne.

  • Pressing the accelerator in the air will cause the nose of your car to lift and pivot on the central axis, potentially allowing you to backflip.
  • Pressing the brake in the air will cause the rear of the car to rise and pivot on the central axis, potentially allowing you to do a front flip.
  • Pressing both pedals will stop your vehicle so that it can't roll backwards or forwards.

The Air controls must be mastered in order to land correctly after a jump and to correct vehicle orientation on bumps and slopes.

Additionally some vehicles and tuning parts allow a third level of functionality to be activated. These are:

  • Thrusters - Equipping this tuning part will allow you to fly on thrusters, at the cost of very high fuel consumption.
  • Moonlander - This vehicle comes equipped with thrusters as standard and no extra tuning part is required to use them. It differs in that if you have both "B.R.A.I.N" and "Thrusters" features upgraded to the max level and press both pedals while the moonlander is stationary (only before starting a time trial), the main “pod” of the moonlander will detach from the wheels and leave you with a flying vehicle. The only disadvantage is that you instantly die if you touch anything (ground, obstacles, etc.).
  • Snowmobile - Using this vehicle, you can glide fast on the surface of water. The Water Run Event is based on this feature.
  • Jump Shocks- Equipping this tuning part will allow you to perform a jump at any time.
  • Tractor - The tractor's scoop position can be adjusted in 3 ways: loose, forward, and overhead.
  • Sledge, Doughnut and Snowboard - These vehicles (only available in Downhill Event) can perform a small jump, like jump shocks.

To activate these functionalities:

  • Thrusters and Moonlander: Press both pedals down to activate thrusters.
  • Snowmobile: Press gas or both pedals to glide on the surface of the water!
  • Jump Shocks, Tractor (for adjusting the scoop position), Sledge, Doughnut and Snowboard: Tap both pedals at the same time.