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What are chests?

Chests are unlockable items that contain random prizes of varying quality based on the rarity of the chest. These can contain everything from coins and gems, through to tuning parts and player/vehicle skins.

How to get chests

Chests are awarded to the player for almost every activity in Hill Climb Racing 2. Winning cups, completing adventure tasks, winning events - all of these will grant you chests as prizes. You will even get a free chest three times a day! You can also watch a video every 6 hours to get a free chest.

You can also purchase chests in the store for a fixed gem or coin cost, but there is no guarantee you will get the items you want within.

The VIP chest which is available once every 24 hours to VIP players contains a selection of random items, but is also guaranteed to contain 60 gems each time it is opened.


While the contents of chests are random, higher rarity chests have a much higher chance to drop items of higher rarity. Some also have guaranteed amounts of items of a particular rarity. The contents of the chests, their drop rarity and the costs in shop also scales up as the player ranks up.

Chests from winning cups follow a sequence consisting of 111 cups.

111 Cup Chests Order.PNG

Chest types

Note that these numbers represent the minimum possible drop from each chest. It is possible to randomly be awarded more items of any rarity in any chest, however the better the chest, the higher the chance of more rare parts dropping becomes.

Note: Legendary paints are not included in the randomization pool. The only way to obtain legendary paints are Special Offers, Shop Bundles and acquiring a certain number of points in the public events.

Team Chest rewards are listed here (These are the legendary rank rewards, anything below legendary 1 will not get as many parts out of a chest)

Chest information Probability of part (for legendaries ranking) Probability of customizations (Paint or Skin)
Rarity Chest Time to unlock Coins Common Rare Epic Legendary Gems Common Rare Epic Legendary
Free Chest free.png Instantly - Awarded once every 8 hours 1,125 18 2 1
By watching an ad Chest Video.png Free by watching an add every 6 hours 1,125 18 2 1
Daily* Chest daily.png Instantly - After completing your 10 daily wins 4,500 29 2 2
Common Chest bronze.png 3 Hours 2,250 18 (100.00%) 2 (100.00%) (2.00%) (0.10%) (7.00%) (2.50%) (0.50%)
Uncommon Chest sliver.png 6 Hours 4,500 29 (100.00%) 2 (100.00%) (13.05%) (1.80%) (21.00%) (7.50%) (1.50%)
Rare Chest gold.png 8 Hours 9,000 45 (100.00%) 6 (100.00%) (33.00%) (5.00%) (20.00%) (18.00%) (2.00%)
Epic Chest epic.png 12 Hours 18,000 68 (100.00%) 9 (100.00%) 6 (100.00%) (10.00%) (28.00%) (28.00%) (14.00%)
Champion Chest champion.png 24 Hours 45,000 113 (100.00%) (20.00%) 12 (100.00%) (60.00%) (30.00%) (30.00%) (35.00%) (5.00%)
Legendary Chest legend.png Available in the shop as a Public Event reward or as

Reward when reaching canyoneer.

22,500 113 (100.00%) (20.00%) 12 (100.00%) 3 (100.00%) (25.00%) (30.00%) (35.00%) (10.00%)
VIP Chest VIP.png Instantly - Awarded once every 24 hours 2,250 18 (100.00%) 2 (100.00%) (2.00%) (0.10%) 60 (21.00%) (7.50%) (1.50%)
Public Event Chest Public Event.png When reaching 250 points in public event 20,000 90 15 10 1 143
  • After opening the daily chest, it will be unlocked in 24 hours. It means that after you got 10 wins, the chest will be locked and must wait.

Adventure Task chests

For more information about adventure tasks, please tap here.

Chest Coins Gems Items
Adventure task.png 1000 coins for starting the adventure + 400 for every level reached.

So a Level 1 chest will contain 1400 coins, Level 2: 1800 and so on...

This has no maximum level cap.

1 gem for starting + 1 gem every 4 Levels reached.

So a Level 1 chest will contain 1 gem, Level 4: 2, Level 8: 3 and so on...

This has a maximum level cap of 28, meaning you can get a maximum of 8 gems in every task.

Levels 1-6: Minimum of 18 common and 2 rare parts.

Levels 7-12: Minimum of 29 common and 2 rare parts.

Levels 13+: Minimum of 45 common and 6 rare parts.

For the hard maps,(Forest Trials, Intense City and Raging Winter), the adventure awards differ as follows:

Chest Coins Gems Items
Adventure task.png 1000 coins for starting the adventure + 200 for every level reached.

So a Level 1 chest will contain 1200 coins, Level 2: 1400 and so on...

1 gem for starting + 1 gem every 5 Levels reached.

So a Level 1 chest will contain 1 gem, Level 5: 2, Level 10: 3 and so on...

Levels 1-5: Minimum of 18 common and 2 rare parts.

Levels 6+: Minimum of 29 common and 2 rare parts.

Daily Rewards

How about a free reward every day!? To claim your reward, tap on the "Collect" button that appears when you join the game each day.

For each day you claim in a row, you build up your streak. If you keep this up for 7 days, you will get a Rare chest as reward. After a 7 day streak, the progress will restart.

Note: At Christmas time, all the daily rewards you normally get will be doubled. The Rare chest will be replaced with a Champion chest.

Daily Rewards
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Reward 1,000 Coin.png 5,000 Coin.png 10 Gem.png 15 Gem.png 10,000 Coin.png

5 Gem.png

15,000 Coin.png

10 Gem.png

Chest gold.png

Team Chest Distance Rewards


Players who are in a team have an opportunity to open a chest once per week and get rewards based on the distance traveled by the whole team throughout the week. Note: your km count towards this chest if you're playing online. You can contribute a maximum of 2500km per week.

To see which rewards you get, when opening the chest, please check this list.